If you’ve recently purchased a newly-built home, you may believe that it is flawless. You may have even had a new construction inspection before moving into the home. While that is a smart thing to do, a home inspection will only report on issues that are visible at the time of the inspection. Once you’ve lived in the home for several months, things can change. Order a builder’s warranty inspection during the first year of homeownership to catch any problems that arise.

Your Builder’s Warranty Inspection Exists for a Reason

A builder’s warranty is a program offered by most builders that extends coverage on systems and components for one year after moving in. It is in place should anything go wrong in the first year of homeownership. Builders know that the home may not be perfect, so they include the builder’s warranty to cover the buyer during the first 12 months of homeownership. You can share the builder’s warranty inspection report with your builder to make repairs before it expires.

New Homes Aren’t Perfect

No matter how reputable your general contractor is, you should never assume that a new home is perfect. Your builder hired numerous subcontractors to complete various aspects of the house, and their workmanship is not always consistent. Work that is going on simultaneously cannot always be supervised. It’s possible for mistakes or shortcuts to go under the radar. An inspector will look for issues that might have gotten missed in construction.

Problems May Arise After Moving In

Even if the new construction inspection didn’t find significant problems before the walkthrough, issues may come up once the systems are used daily. This often happens with the plumbing or HVAC system. If something wasn’t installed correctly, it may not be apparent until there’s regular use. This is another good reason to order a builder’s warranty inspection.

Avoid Having to Pay for Repairs with a Builder’s Warranty Inspection

If anything is wrong with your new home, you want to learn about it while you can still file a claim under the builder’s warranty. After that one-year mark, you’ll be stuck with the bill for any repairs, even if they were related to construction mistakes. Order a builder’s warranty inspection to avoid this scenario. You’ve already spent a lot of money buying your home and you don’t want to be faced with more expensive bills.

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