The home buying and selling processes are not complete without a home inspection. Inspecting the physical condition of a home is one of the critical features of a selling contract and should never be ignored.

One or several home inspectors go around the house to look for defaults in the structure and function of the house, they identify areas that could cause problems in the future and areas that could suffer from pests and rot. 

Although an inspection is not the determining factor of whether to buy or not, it could help with negotiation. A buyer could negotiate for a few renovations or talk the seller down to a better price. 

When Should I Get My Home Inspected?

Many buyers seek professional inspection services only after they have shown interest or have made a contract in buying a house. The buyer is the one who will schedule and show up for the inspection.

However, it is not uncommon to find sellers arranging for inspections before they sell the house. When buyers do this, it is to identify potential problems that a seller may be concerned about.

Before paying for a professional inspection, a buyer will conduct their own informal review. It helps a buyer identify areas of concern that you may want an expert opinion about. This inspection should be done before the buyer makes an offer on the house. 

Who Pays?

The buyer is usually the one who pays for the inspection. However, some buyers insist that the seller pays for the examination after making an offer. The seller often pays if they are the one who arranged the inspection.

However, it is recommended that buyers select their own inspector even if the seller is the one paying for it. As a buyer, you must choose an inspector without ties to the seller or agent for better and accurate reports. 

How Much Will It Cost?

The average cost for home inspections in 2018 was 300 to 400 dollars. This price is subject to go up or down because it is dependent on the size of your home and where you live. Some consider this price a little high but considering what you could find out about the house, it is worth every dollar. 

How Long Will It Take?

The duration of a home inspection is dependent on four main factors:

  • The size of the home- An average home inspection takes about two hours, but this is for a medium-sized home. The time could be more or less.
  • Thoroughness- A thorough inspector will take their time to look through potential problem areas and even take a deep dive into what is within. However, it should not be too intrusive or take too long.
  • Defects- The number and visibility of the defects will determine how long the inspector will take conducting the examination. This may also affect how long the inspector will take to complete the report.
  • Helpfulness of the seller- If the seller is open and willing to the inspection, it is bound to go much faster.